The Kisser

We landed in the capital of this ancient Kingdom of Siam with a bump and a screech. Our plane docked itself at the rickety Don Muang International Airport on the 31st of December 2000. Just as a new year was about to begin, so did our adventure in this complex and contradictory city of Angels.

Gentle Giant or GG as I call him, is my towering Danish husband who has snatched me from my parent's cosy nest in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Known in the olden and golden days by the romantic name 'Malaya'. This move to Bangkok was one of the many effects of the 1997 crisis which ended the lives of many businesses and loss of jobs for hundreds. As he follows our source of 'daily bowls of rice', I follow suit as the 'loyal and loving' wife. Bangkok is also known as Krungthep Mahanakhon (actually the name is much longer, and it holds the title of having the longest name in the world).

I was then a Malay girl merely 25 years old with little experience in the domestic life and even less experience dealing with an international community. Newly married with hardly any working experience and terrified out of my wits of moving to a new country. It has been a tremedous lesson in living life away from home, a great adjustment on how I viewed the world, and most of all a frightfully exciting journey in finding my one true calling. I'm still searching. :)

This blog is titled 'Kissing Frogs in Siam' because I will be documenting the many endeavours I have taken and continue to undertake in an effort to find my true calling - that one frog that will turn into my prince charming of a venture. From jaunts into porcelain painting, baking, sewing, fashion designing. I jumped into the school committee board, joined a mothers and babies international group committee and did a number of volunteering work, all in an effort to learn, to support and to get out there. I even pursued a degree in international business management at a local university. Life has never been boring.

Please join me as I blog on the trials, tribulations and victories that I face.