6 Jan 2013

Jatujak Ceramic Buys

Just a quick one. I confess I could never, ever, go to Jatujak without getting something for the kitchen. It is just not possible. Let me show you my latest purchase.

Note that each ceramic bowl costs THB 35 (a little over USD 1.00) for one or THB 100 (USD 3.30) for 3. And the tiny square bowls for chillie with fish sauce and other condiments was THB 20 each. The shop that I got these darlings is right near the Dream Section. Get yourself the Jatujak Map and you will find yourself passing by this ceramic mecca.

My kids had their cereals in this practical cheery bowls for breakfast.

Darling hubby helped me haul bag my heavy goods.

Pleasant and functional, it doesn't break the bank so it won't break my heart if the kids drop them. 
Just please dont! 

Ramekin bowls at THB 35 each? C'mon, everyone needs them. Think Chicken Pot Pie and Creme Brulee.

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