8 Jan 2013

Fresco Asian Shrimp Salad

I had a dream last night.

I dreamt of a salad with bright tangerine shrimps glistening with oil and salt. My mind had been inspired by my late night flipping through cooking magazines. Am I suffering from insomnia? I certainly hope not. I do find myself gazing longingly at my husband who sleeps the minute his head hits the pillow. He sometimes shudders into wakefulness by his own loud snoring. This always gets me into giggles. Even after almost fourteen years.

The taste of my imaginary shrimp salad was lingering in my mouth. It could no longer be held back, I had to go into the kitchen to whip out this fresh shrimp salad I have concocted in my head.

One word of advice, if you are living in Bangkok you must head on over to Tops Supermarket. At the fresh goods section they have a cold counter where the day's pre-boiled shrimps are packed with Thai seafood dipping sauce. Use these shrimps. They are sweet and full of flavour. I don't know how they boil them, could be with the addition of sugar and a bit of salt. It doesn't matter, does it? All I can say is that my children and I are like hungry wolves when we have these before us. The shrimps eaten just with the dipping sauce is heavenly.

pre-boiled shrimps
Japanese cucumber, diced
Young green mangoes (a little sweet, a little sour), diced
Cherry tomatoes, sliced into halves
Cilantro leaves, minced roughly
Shallots, minced
Green bird's eye chillies, minced
Lime, only juice
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
Sugar to taste
Drizzle of olive oil

I'm afraid nothing was measured, everything was just added into the bowl and delightfully stirred. Chill in the fridge for that fresh effect.

I enjoyed chomping on my salad today!

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