6 Jun 2012

The Time to be a Bull.

Born under the Taurus sign I rarely display the true characteristics of my nature. But for this moment in my life, in fact, for the rest of my life I hope to display one bullish virtue, and that is tenacity. No matter how slow, how painfully debilitatingly slow I will plod on dragging my heavy bovine weight as I move toward my goal. Yeah babe!

Well my progress thus far, despite the blady (pardon my French) long delay - I have finally submitted all the fabrics and materials I need for Bajou's new collection. Hooray! I was smiling all the way as I drove home. It has been a painful, frustrating and testing journey. I very well did it. My husband put up with my nights of tossing and turning. My mom and step-mom with my whining and even moments of crocodile tears. I had a week when I was all teary and cried at every single sad occasion that happen to wink its way at me.

I would like to share with you pictures of my haphazard research and development.

The fabric samples that I had bought for R&D.
Oh what a struggle it was choosing the colours from all these gorgeous colours that I had bought. I loved them all, the richer and vibrant the more I loved. But I had a theme in mind and had to remain true to it.

Sequins, beads, baubles and more.
And then there were the notions and embellishments. How did one choose? I asked the girls selling what they thought of my choices. I asked my seamstress, I asked everyone I could ask.

My very first bolt of fabric.
This ladies and gentlemen marked a very historical moment of my role as purchaser for Bajou. It was the purchase of my very first bolt of fabric. It was indeed a proud moment for not just me, but my husband. Now let's just hope it will be liked by everyone.

And so the worst is over for this collection. I will take a breather then dive head in and go into the preparation for the next collection. Pray for me my dear readers. 

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