21 Jun 2012

Paul Boulangerie Patisserie (Sukhumvit 49)

Here's the owner TK aka Paul of Paul Boulangerie Patisserie

This morning while my son went for a trial session at Mathnasium's Science Programme, I decided to take a little walk with my 4 year-old daughter down soi 49/9 Sukhumvit Road. And we bumped into a newly opened cafe/bakery called Paul Boulangerie Patisserie

Nestled at the corner of a housing compound, just at the entrance, what caught my eye was how beautifully renovated it was. Inviting was the word and I was beckoned off the street into this bakery.

Alas, most of the baked goods were already sold off. I managed to buy myself this freshly baked Walnut Bread and it was heavenly. The generous addition of walnuts made this soft bun a delight to bite into. I crushed the walnuts and tasted their fulsome flavour.

I am certain they will use this side area for al fresco dining in the future. TK told me that they will also be introducing cakes in the near future. This cafe just opened last month. As you might have suspected TK is Japanese and this bakery is filled with Japanese style baked goods of the highest quality. I love it!

This is what you might see as you walk along soi 49/9 from the entrance of the housing compound.

TK also offers coffee, tea and cold drinks. And do expect Japanese styled lunches in the future. I will be coming back for those I tell you that.

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