4 Jun 2012

Deadlines. Exhaustion and more exhaustion.

First big lesson in the fashion business for me - deadlines. Especially production deadlines. The second collection for Bajou has been in the works for months now. The sketches had been ready 5 months ago and till today even the prototypes have not been completed. But finally after many sms-es, calls and also unsolicited visits made by yours truly to much valued seamstress things are moving along. 

They never seem to move along as you expect them to. I refuse to buy materials for the production until I have viewed the complete prototypes because I can never really tell how well a design looks with the fabric I have chosen until I have viewed it finished. But beggars can't be choosers and as each prototype is completed I find myself evaluating and re-evaluating the fabric, finishing and embellishments I had originally chosen. Then I make the needful changes that I think will make my design as beautiful as I had visualised it. Due to my inexperience in this industry, this means a few trips back and forth to the market to see what might be available that I could use to tweak my designs.  

After that is the stressful buying. Oh my lord, the buying - the spending of that limited precious capital. There is little room for mistake if one wants to be efficient and in my case, I don't have the luxury of inefficiency and overspending. 

Initially I thought staggered buying would be the way to go, but how can one do that if one wants to meet the minimum quantity to qualify for wholesale pricing of supplies? One simply can't. Which meant back to the drawing board. 

Of course everything has to happen at the same time. The truck broke down. My menses came. The children had a holiday. The maid was off. And everything and everyone was on my head. And that led to the worst thing of all - I was unable to sleep. And this culminated into a paralysing exhaustion. I am an absolutely wreck. Ha ha ha ha!

So as the kids wandered in asking for their breakfast, then lunch, then dinner. And in between the missing colour pencils, the herding them to the bathroom, the toothbrushing, giving them activities to keep the occupied, I try to get my work done. 

It all culminated into a bathroom breakdown I had where I whimpered to my husband, "I am NOT a housewife, I am a business woman. Help me please."

This, I realise was an important self defining moment. The moment where I finally viewed myself differently. That now I am no longer a stay-at-home wife but I am an individual that is now part of the rat race. I am a business woman. And that ladies and gentlemen, is in itself, a full time occupation. Dammit!

Now excuse me while I read my children their bedtime stories before tucking them into bed. 


  1. You go girl! Keep at it Alena and I am sure it will all come good in the end. Can't wait to see the next collection when its released; just wish I had a pretty little madam to dress in it!

    1. Mrs. JoJo, what a sweet surprise it was to see your comment. I had been feeling so down and then there you were encouraging me on. And I see that you've got a blog going yourself. You never shared. I am going to get myself a packet of M&Ms and enjoy a good read of BroughinBkk. :)