25 Jun 2012

Costumes for Kids in Bangkok

I stumbled into this shop the other day and knew I just had to post about it. Finding a tailor to sew up a costume for your child's play at school can be quite a chore here in Bangkok. I've had plenty of friends asking me if I would sew costumes for their child. But as Bajou keeps me plenty occupied I am unable to fulfil their request.

I am not impressed with their model pieces, I have to admit, but when the going gets tough - beggars simply cannot be choosers. And this is a good emergency alternative.

I would love to say that I have tried it, but I haven't and I doubt I will. I will for most part make my children's costumes myself.

So this shop is located on soi 49/9 Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok. If you do try them out, tell me how it went.


  1. I live just around the corner to this little shop and I've used them to buy off-the-rack costumes for school dress-up days: a Harry Potter outfit for World Book Day and a pharoah's outfit for Egyptian Day. I must say I've been really happy with the quality, and on the child they look far better than the dated mannequins in the shop front would suggest! Could be cheaper though!
    PS Love the blog. And I'm another Malay lady who's followed her husband to Bkk, so it's nice to read this! Afizah Aziz x

    1. Hi there Afizah, thank you so much for reading my blog! What a lovely location you have for your home. I took my kids to the Poteri Workshop during the summer and really enjoyed the area. Loved eating at Kha-Nom too. How long have you been in Bangkok? Hope we'll have a chance to meet up one day.

      And great feedback, I had a lovely lady not too long ago asking me to make a Rapunzel dress which I had to turn down. I'll send her your recommendations. :)

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