22 Jun 2012

Candies in Bangkok

This summer holidays I had my children's schedule pretty much planned out. Fridays were Fun Days with Mommy. But this Friday it was extra fun because it was a Fun Day with Mommy & Far. My husband had the day off today because he had been travelling over weekends for several weeks now. 

So we trotted off for the cinema to watch Madagascar 3 and it was in my children's words awesome mommy!

While we rode the escalator down Central World's ginormous cinema I caught sight of this delightful candy store Made in Candy

Made in Candy shoplet was cool with vibrant colours and deep black background. 

I've seen this candy shop before and they have never been without a captive audience. 
I thought, okay just sugary sweet right? Nope! They were all different flavoured but that's not the most charming thing yet. Let's stick to the flavour part first - the flavour was rich, distinctive and intense. Not medicinal like some of these candies tend to be. 

I love the chemistry look of their colouring and flavours. I found out later that Made in Candy actually began in Singapore. Isn't it just brill?

This was the bit that had me whooping. Look at that, right in the middle of this rainbow candy was a little rainbow (surprise!). Isn't that charming? Great for door gifts at weddings, party favours, or just to have them around the house to pop in your mouth. 

A little cherry flavoured one with a two cherries in the white centre. 

I saw one box that said 'Giraffe' and they had the sunset orange off giraffes with whites and yellows. I wonder what those taste like. These are the ones from the THB 80 we bought for the kids. It was a mix of all various flavours. 

Little jars of many flavoured rock candies. 

I lurve it!

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