20 Apr 2012

A Balanced Life.

I perched myself on the couch and directed this simple question to my sleepy husband who was lying on the couch vegetating in front of the TV. "Darling, how? How does one raise brilliant children who are God fearing? And...decorate and renovate a home? And...pray five times a day and do the needful spiritual nurturing? And...build a business empire? And...continue learning a craft? Nurture female friendships to keep the oxytocins up? Do volunteer work? And...keep one's husband fully entertained and distracted beyond belief? Ignore the fact that I have omitted two very time consuming hobbies - Facebook and Pinterest.  

He looked at me as he chomped one chocolate ball after another. Unperturbed. Unresponsive. I should have been talking to the couch instead.

It's like that horrible Rubic's cube. I've been going through it in my head for the last few days, trying to find the secret to making this work. To juggle many balls in the air without one falling to the ground. Because they just keep tumbling and tumbling and tumbling. 

There has been a series of interruption in the smooth running of my life. Can't remember when the interruptions began...the last serial one being the unplanned trip to Denmark, Turkey. Followed by Songkran holidays. And only now am I able to begin my normal routine life. 

I did not begin my routine with the usual dive into work. Instead I decided to work on projects started that had been on hold. I began embroidering the sewing cover I had made for my precious Janome sewing machine. Here's my work in progress.

The floral pattern was something I adapted from that lovely book 'Scandinavian Needlecraft' by Clare Youngs. I did not restrict myself to just embroidering and added some beads to it.

Sewing brings tranquility to my soul. Though my life at the moment is lopsided, imbalanced and driving me mad. When I sew, I am at peace. 

I will handle the problem of juggling tomorrow. :)

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