6 Mar 2012

We're going to Turkey... (Hotel Daphnis)

The phone went 'bling' notifying me of an incoming e-mail. I flipped my Dopad Blackberry cover off and saw that it was a notification of flight tickets that my husband had booked for us to Denmark, with a week long stop over in Turkey!

I am so excited.

I began looking for a hotel almost immediately. I don't want the usual line of well established hotels like Marriott Courtyard, Hilton or Swissotel etc. I wanted something full of charm, character, something quaint. And it must not be expensive. Living out here in Thailand, one gets really value for money when it comes to hotels. For a fraction of what you would pay in the US or UK, you get a slice of paradise here. To splash out money on a hotel in Europe just does not make sense.

But it is not impossible to find something that fitted my criterias. And I found it! But alas, it was fully booked. I had to share it on my blog though, because even though I may not have the chance of experiencing this gorgeous little inn, you might.

I present to you, the Hotel Daphnis.

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