5 Mar 2012

Starting the Ball Rolling Again.

I'm hooked on Pinterest. As usual I am typical of your classic laggard, jumping onto the bandwagon when it's already filled to the full.

But it's never too late.

And now I am immersed in everything gorgeous as I browse through all the beautiful things on Pinterest. I try to resist pinning every beautiful darn thing I see. I try to be more discretionary and though it has proven difficult, I am not doing too badly.


You might want to check it out yourself if you have not already.

You see those four pinned items at the top of Pinterest main page? Those are my pins. Did them this morning and quite pleased too.

Now it really is time to get back to work, with getting Bajou ready for the upcoming second collection, need to revamp the website, finalize the sizing, so many tweaking to be done here and there. And also to get up and running with my sewing and blogging again.

I miss it!


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