12 Mar 2012

The Journey Begins - Mumbai

We have now embarked upon our very last minute romantic-getaway-MIL's-birthday-party-trip. This haphazard journey with a million mission begins with a stop-over at the Mumbai international airport. I swear that I heard the announcer mention the name of the airport twice, but I could not catch a single word of it. And at 1.24a.m. I am not in the mood to google a single thing let alone the name of an airport.

Let me see, if I had to think of two things that had left an impression on me of my flight from Bangkok to Mumbai I would have to say that firstly, I am sick of myself. Sick because I could not resist the airplane meal. I am a sucker for airplane meal. I love the whole idea of a complete portioned meal on a tray with a warm roll staring at me on top. There's the hot foiled main dish, which was chicken tikka with rice and vegetables. The smell was just heavenly, the mingling of spices, fluffy rice and well seasoned chicken permeated the whole airplane! Then the salad (kidney beans, yikes!), the Gulab Jamun dessert (not my kinda thing), and another extra roll because I got terribly greedy. Imagine butter well ensconced in between the folds of a gently torned bun. Hot and freshly baked, imagine then the  butter melting and soaking into the bread. How can you not ask for two? So I didn't!

Then other thing is, how on earth do all these men resist those gorgeous Thai Airways stewardesses? I had a lovely time eyeing all of them and wondering (had I been a man) which one would I have made a pass at. I couldn't decide, I wanted them all. Ha ha ha!

So here I am in the Lufthansa lounge with my husband who is worried that my lap top will soon run out of steam because I can't seem to plug the charger anywhere. Well let him worry, he wants me to go and play far far away, so that he will be left undisturbed to do 'some work'.

Hah...he thinks he can get work done while in my company? The poor thing. after 13 years of marriage it really is astounding what an optimist he continues to be.

It's either getting into his way or finding myself gravitating towards the buffet table at this Lufthansa lounge. They have got 'assorted slices of cakes', brownies, cookies, chicken tikka (can one ever have enough, seriously?), egg sandwiches (I adore them), salads and etcetera etcetera.

Really what a killer.

Will catch up with you on the next leg of our journey.


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