13 Mar 2012

An Epicurean Find, the Turkish Airline Lounge in Istanbul

All thoughts of the encounter with the information girl left my mind as Kim and I ambled up and down the 'Departures' side of the airport looking at the melange of goods on display there. Should we stop and have a Turkish ice cream? Oh wait a minute, there were platters after platters of Turkish delight with all matter of filling and sprinkling on display for us to have a free taste. I took a bite of one. Sweet heavenly goodness.

I eyed my husband who was not too far from me and heard him asking the sales man to recommend the most popular Turkish delights. I inched myself deliberately away from Kim. I knew exactly where this was heading and it was not towards the cash machine. My shameless husband was intent on devouring for free, all the very best tasting Turkish delight.

We walked on and enjoyed the aromatic smell of freshly brewed coffee, tea and pastries being warmed. Then at the far end of the hall we caught sight of the Turkish Airline Lounge. Since it was a member of Star Alliance we could hop in for a bit of rest while waiting for our flight to Copenhagen.

When we entered I nearly had to put my hand up to support my jaws from dropping. The architecture of this hall just beautiful, spacious, light and airy. It was as if the place was filled with rooms sectioned off into little portions by arched pillars. The feel is as if one is under domed ceilings when in fact one is not. It was the most wondrous lounge that Kim and I had ever been to. Coming from me that was not worth much but coming from Kim who travel all the time and makes use of lounges frequently, this really was a rare gem.

But wait till you see the array of food being served. You are in a 5 star hotel with exquisite food being served at the different parts of the room. Nuts, pistachios, figs and dried fruits. All matter of Turkish salads and pastas. Lentil soup with freshly baked bread. Just gorgeous rich display of cakes and other treats. Here are some pictures that I shyly took while we were gratefully enjoying the food.

I loved all the cakes. All of them were freshly made, moist, not too sweet and just delicious.
Thank you ya Allah for this unexpected experience. 

The chef was preparing Turkish Pizzas of different fillings for the lunch time. Already on display were sweet pastries that he had freshly baked for the morning breakfast. 

Kim attempting to be healthy. Enjoyed the olive paste with salads. Is this what is called Tahini?

Tea drank Turkish style in glass tea cups. I love the delicate feel of this glass cups and what a pleasure to sip.

This drink is out of this world. I think it is fresh cherry juice with mint leaves. Served beautifully chilled. 

Pistachios, salted almonds, nuts, raising and figs. 

Take your pick. 

Finally these delicious Turkish Pizzas were pulled out the oven and chopped into fat bite sized pieces. 

There were pizzas with cheese and olive paste on top, chicken filling, zuchinni, brinjal and tomato filling and finally my favourite lamb with coriander filling. Wow!

Kim enjoying fresh piping hot Turkish Pizzas. 

Lentil Soup which unexpectedly was superb. I added generous spoonful of chilli flakes. 

Had to taste all the salads they had. Where else could I taste them without paying a cent and taking just very small portions. Loved the yoghurt and cucumber salad, the grilled brinjal with olive oil and tomatoes. 

Kim very obviously filled to the brim and ready to sleep. 

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