13 Mar 2012

Death at the Departures of the Istanbul Airport

Istanbul airport - I spotted him on roller skates with the word 'info?' emblazoned on his vest in bright neon yellow. "Excuse me?" I said. "Where is the pharmacy?" He was of medium height with stone studded earrings in his left ear and sporting a well gelled short auburn spiky haired. "I do not know what this is you ask." He said to me, serious and unsmiling. I find myself give a little start at the rather somber face. I have become more Thai than I realised. "For medicine. A shop for medicine." I said.

He had pointed me to the information counter. "The information counter can help you." he said politely. Kim joined me after finishing his morning ablutions. "Where is the pharmacy please?" I asked again. A pretty Turkish girl with gorgeous dramatic eyes was sitting at the counter, "The pharmacy is at arrivals." she said. Again with the same serious face. Not a clue of smile peeking out. "How can I get to arrivals?" "You can't." she says. "You can only go to the pharmacy at arrivals." She was not being helpful, was this deliberate? We never passed through arrivals because we were transit passengers. "So because of that, I could have an asthma attack and die because I am in departures?" I asked her with wide innocent eyes but a serious face. She said, "Yes, because pharmacy is in arrivals." I looked at her with my eyes almost popping out in shock. She said, still very serious almost to the point of being a little rude, "This asthm (sic) what is it?" she asked. "It's when you can't breathe and need medicine. But because I am in departures and if I had asthma I will die. Because I am not in arrivals?" "Yes that is right." she said.

I gave up. I just gave up.

The least she could do was be generous with her smiles. Because intellectually she was not the sharpest knife in the drawer. And I was in danger of dying in the Istanbul Airport if I allowed myself to get too worked up.

I had to drag Kim away who was having a heck of time suppressing his guffaws.

Here's a poster we found while walking around the perfume area. I believe the message they were attempting to put out there was, "Be protected from the spread of radiation emitted by electronic products." 

Five stars for efforts, I am feeling generous as one usually becomes when faced with mortality issues like having an asthma attack in departures. 

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