18 Jan 2012

Taking Pictures with a Blurrry Background

It seems that I want to do everything except designing that second collection. I seem to be crippled with a creative block that stems from two things, exhaustion and fear of failing. Yup, scared that my next collection will not be as good or better as my current one. 

So I stare at the bed and boy does it look inviting.

Today, I am determined to produce ten designs/sketches so that by mid-next week I would have some solid designs to work on. Tomorrow it will be a day dedicated to getting my Bajou clothes labels produced and the rest just getting a feel for the fabrics available in the market, so I can be inspired.

It's tough working alone and I sometimes do long for a great partner to battle ideas with. Perhaps one day.

Now to the topic of what I want to write about, if you're a tiny start-up like myself cutting costs is so important and one of the ways to do that would be taking good pictures of your collection (with and without models). I find that the bokeh or blurry background effect to be a great effect when it comes to highlighting your product amidst a busy picture. It does make the model or dress stand out and somehow seem clearer. 

I have found a great link here to achieving that effect on your autu-focused camera. Check out this link, 

How to get good “bokeh” or blur in your photographs, even in auto mode

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