12 Jan 2012

Putera Hashim, the Prince of Froggies

I am trying to pace myself each day. It's part of my New Year's resolution, to no longer be in a hurry burry. I've spent all my life either being constantly late or missing my appointments altogether. 

Still, the hope that one can pace oneself nicely yet still be productive is something to strive for. 

This week amidst two thousand other things to do, I wanted to learn the art of toy making...in particular stuffed toys before I move on to creating my own little creatures. As you have seen, I did a cute little giraffe which my daughter adored. It got my son turning green, so much so that I was compelled to make one for him. Which was absolutely fine by me, I had to every intention of making a few anyway.

Thus tonight I share with you Putera Hashim, the Prince of Froggies. 

Hot day in Bangkok folks!

Time to get me some sun. Frog browning in progress. Aaah.

 Oooo yeah, this is the life.

A tad cold isn't it, the waters of Bangkok? I think I'll just lounge about.

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