10 Jan 2012

Princess Giraffe, Sewn Toys Project

I am a bit stressed. 

No I lie. 

I am very stressed because I have yet to complete the second collection for Bajou. And  am really running low on stocks. Before there is a round of applause at what may seem like a success, I have to be honest and admit that the production was a rather small one. Still, sold is sold and I have only a quarter of my Motifs de Fleurs collection left.

Now it's time to drum up some new designs...and I am still drumming away.

To de-stress I decided to take my learning to a new field - the field of stuffed toy making. I made Princess Giraffe for my 4 year old daughter some days ago. She really adores it, which makes this whole affair a very fulfilling one for me.

I had bought Sewn Toy Tales by Melly & Me a few weeks back and I must say that though the instructions are not clear enough for the novice sewer, if you've got some sewing experience you would do alright. 

What I was not happy about was about attaching the little bits of Princess onto her main body, for instance the ears in particular. How do I hide the raw edges? If you've got an idea, please share it with me.

 To the side please, Princess. She was definitely overstuffed.

Face me. What an obedient model you are!

 Full view of your gorgeous figure.

My very own princess holding her animal princess.

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