17 Jan 2012

Mumtaz the Mouse, Fabric Sewn Toys

This will be the last stuffed toy I will be making until I finish designing the second collection for Bajou. Please give a round of applause to Mumtaz the Mouse!

She was meant to be used for my daughter's performance of Hickory Dickory Dock. Unfortunately, I don't think Inaaya will fight her stage fright and do the needful. At yesterday's school rehearsal she flat out refuse to even get on stage.

And so poor Mumtaz will not get to enjoy a celebrity status. I am thus left to celebrate her existence here quietly on my blog. 

On that book 'Sewn Toy Tales' by Mel & Me. I must reiterate that I find the instructions too brief. I am not able to attach the little parts beautifully, I don't think ladder stitching is the answer. I believe that these bits, like the ears should be placed in between the front face and back face fabrics (right sides facing) and stitched up together. It just would look much better. I think I need another book!


  1. Thank you Nienke, Mumtaz was the hardest one to make so far. But worth it me thinks! :)