12 Jan 2012

Kokeshi Stuffie, A free Pattern from Mel & Me

My Kokeshi Dolls resting in the children's room. 

Serving no other purpose in the book reading corner, than to look sweet and demure.

Which twin do you prefer?

My maid came up to me this morning and asked me for the prices of Bajou's dresses in particular she loved the floral top and plain bottom pairs. Her neighbours, after viewing that fiasco of a photoshoot, loved the designs and would like to buy one or two. "Khun Alena, so pretty!" she said to me.

My heart felt all warm and happy inside. Pepsi hardly ever says anything, let alone express delight in the things around her. So to hear her say this, was just very nice, so very very nice.

Now back to business.

I'm thinking that I would like to transform my blog into one that shares and gives out free patterns for crafting projects, ones that I have tried myself accompanied by a personal review. What do you think?

On that note, I'd like to share with you a craft pattern that I recently tried from Melly & Me, their Kokeshi Stuffie. Very simple to do and I'd say rather cute too. I may have rushed it and ended up with two kokeshi's that are out of shape but still charming.

I tried first to stitch in hues of blues and had the stuffie with black hair and a pink chin on six embroidery threads. Not a good idea, stick to the two strands recommended in the instructions.

That's what I did for my red kokeshi stuffie, she is certainly the superior looking twin. :)

Here's a direct link to the pdf file for Kokeshi Stuffie by Melly & Me.

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