30 Jan 2012

Easy to Make Gorgeous Fabric Flowers

My very first attempt.

I decided to partake in the Blooming Fashion Show organized by my sewing school LSewing Studio. It took place last Saturday at Siam Park behind Siam Square. That it was a last minute decision ended up with me sewing in exhaustion as tears dripped down my cheeks. I really wanted to give up, but I persevered. Remembering my teacher's words 'Su su, Nina!' Translated from Thai it means, 'Fight fight, Nina!' And fight I did. 

So pretty ya?

To fit in with the Blooming theme and add interested to my very simple outfit I made these fabric flowers which I found at 'Homemade Gifts Made Easy'. 

The flowers were indeed easy to make and turned out very eye-catching. You should definitely use this to add a bright spark of colour and interest to your projects. An addition to the collar of a shirt, as a corsage, as a cluster of blooms on your daughter's skirt. The uses are simply endless. Enjoy!

Another blogger who made use of the same tutorial to create these lovely purses.

The apple green chiffon top with matching fuschia pants that I designed, was made more interesting with a cluster of flowers at one side of the collar.

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