14 Jan 2012

The Children's Room (work in progress)

There is a notorious story going around where I live. That we will never finish renovating our home. Embarrassing but very true. I am myself beginning to wonder. In all my years here living in Bangkok I have yet to host a party or a lunch meet for ladies. Reason? Please refer to the above mentioned for your answer.

It's been the test of my marriage. And I found myself quite willing to wring my husband's neck recently. We were putting together Ikea's Billy shelves...he was putting it together while I lazed on the children's bunk bed. I said to him, " You know I can help you with that." 

"No, you can't. It's not soooo easy. Not as easy as you think." he had been saying this for a million times already. I retorted, "Even an idiot can put this together." He turned his piercing eyes on me and said, "People get divorced putting Ikea furniture together.

Can you imagine?

Did he conduct a survey, I ask you? 

But that's not it. A divorce over putting together a simple furniture? I'd say I am made of stronger stuff than that seeing how I've survived years of his 'renovation'.

Well now that things have been moving along towards the tail end of our structural renovations, I am happy to share with you the reading corner that I am slowly putting together for our children in their bedroom. There's still some work to be done. Alright! Alright! A lot of work to be done. Call me an eager beaver, but I am impatient to share my progress here. So let's see how far I've gotten and work with me till I complete it. 

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