3 Dec 2011

The Photoshoot Tragedy

What an adventure I have embarked upon. My little home-based business was officially launched on the 1st of December at the SILC Charity Bazaar. Was my Bajou website ready? No. Was my Facebook ready? No. Did I have all the pictures of my products? No.

The table set and ready for the photoshoot.

Speaking of pictures. What a travesty that was. Whose child was going to model my clothes aside from my own daughter? I have many friends, but I also have a problem asking friends for favours. Imposing myself upon others is a trait that is sorely lacking in me. That's not a good thing, a sales or marketing person should always be comfortable about picking up the phone and asking buddies for a favour or two. 

My hard-working production team.
(Left to right, Naaya's head, Nong Tik, Nong Kim, Taufik, Orr & Pepsi)

So I ended up asking my maid to rope in two kids to join Inaaya in a photoshoot here at my condominium. I also asked her to invite her friend Orr, to become my hairstylist. In the past, Inaaya has popped back home after a visit to Pepsi's house (Pepsi is my maid's name) with her hair all so beautifully braided. 

The Ikea clothes rack that brought me both pride and shame.

 I decided that the theme of the shoot would be a garden picnic. I ran off to Paradise Park to buy some bakery goods namely cupcakes, popcakes and some pastries. Then off to Ikea to purchase a children's tea party set in ceramic, gorgeous miniture teacups with matching saucers, cake plates etc. Then dragged out an old iron-wrought glass table from my home and draped one of my fabrics as its table cloth.

And so we were set.

But the children were just not in the mood. They were not game for any cake eating, nor with playing tea party together. 

Who could sulk the hardest? Yay! Mommy's princess could!
(Inaaya at her very best behaviour, not!)

I had brought down my 'production set' to the amusement of my neighbours. There it was in the middle of the playground my Ikea clothes rack, which I was very proud of when I bought it, and embarrassed when it lay grandly under the shining sun. 

This adorable child was made to look almost eery by my bad photography.
I think everyone including my maid thought I was rather mad. 

I whipped out my camera and set my production team to work. Changed the kids into Bajou's clothes, and time to click. The kids looked sulkily at me, was itching to go for the slides. My production team urged them to smile, stand and pose for the camera, which only increased the tension in the air. All along the three girls were itching to run for the slides and see-saws.
Orr whipping Inaaya's hair into shape. 
Which they did after several change of clothes and tired looking shots. When they ran wildly and happily at the playground, did I realise that I should have let them free all along. I should have just allowed them to play and then shoot my pictures. 

That's how beautiful candid shots were born. Well too late, though they were not exhausted from the whole affair, I was tired out, embarrassed and seriously disheartened at the quality of my pictures. 

Was I going to attempt a second shoot? Forget it! What I had with me would have to do. And so yes, the pictures of little girls you see on Bajou's website for the Motif de Fleurs collection was the result of this catastrophic photoshoot.

What a lesson learnt!

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