18 Nov 2011

Thai Chicken Basil with White Rice (Krapao Gai gap Khao Suay)

I'm one of those people that tend to eat the same things again and again when at a loss to order. Krapao Gai or Chicken Basil is a dish I always fall back on when this happens.

Every Thai will have tasted this simple but delicious chicken dish. It is super easy to make, power packed with taste and pretty healthy too. I would recommend that you include a vegetable dish to make it a complete healthy lunch meal for yourself.

I found this recipe at a wonderful website, Thai Table, and if you're a Thai food lover I would recommend that you visit it to try out other dishes. Here's the recipe, you can find the exact same on on their website with step-by-step pictures (Krapao Gai recipe from source)

Krapao Gai (Thai Chicken Basil served with Rice)
Serves 2
Prep Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes

3 tbsp fish sauce
1tbsp minced garlic
1/2 lbs ground chicken
1-2 packages of holy basil
4-7 minced chilli pepper
2 tbsp vegetable oil


Mince garlic and chili pepper together. Clean and pick gra- pow leaves from their stem. It may appear like a lot of leaves, but the leaves will shrink when cooked and this dish's flavour comes from the leaves.
Fry the garlic and chili pepper in oil over high heat. When garlic starts to turn brown, drop the ground chicken in. Stir constantly. The juice will start to come out. Keep stirring until all the juice is gone. It might take a couple of minutes. Add fish sauce. Then add Thai basil. Quickly turn it over a few times to mix the leaves with the meat and then remove from the fire and put the gai pad gra pow in the serving plate or dishes. Serve hot with rice.
In Thailand, gai pad gapow is served with a small bowl of chili pepper in fish sauce, sliced cucumber and a wedge of lime.


  1. looks so good. Count your blessings, you are in the heart of Asian's tastiest yet simple rice dishes. I love Thai cuisine!

  2. I love it too! If you try this recipe Tosca, I hope it'll turn out good. I've another one coming up soon, it's got shrimps, pumpkin in coconut milk with lemon grass and chillies. Yum! Thanks for reading.