10 Nov 2011

Durian Puffs at Happy Meal bakery, Petaling Street.

Egg tarts in the background, and Durian tarts in the foreground.

So here I am in Kuala Lumpur, waiting out the flood. As is my ritual, I love following my step-mom around town as she attends to her chores. A trip to Petaling Street led me to a delightful discovery. A little bakery called 'Happy Meal' offering 'no pork, no lard' egg tarts, durian tarts, Japanese soft cheesecakes , durian puffs and a rich array of other goodies.

My bitten egg tarts.

As I made a purchase of 20 egg tarts, the owner told me, "I am famous for my Durian Puffs. You have to try it." Which got me buying a box of his puffs. They were RM 2.40 for a set of 4, if I recall correctly. The egg tarts were a mere RM 1.00 each.

Durian Puffs at RM 2.40 (picture courtesy of 'Have Food Will Travel' blogspot.com)

Now why am I infatuated with this little bakery? The first thing that caught my eye was the old fashioned traditional bakery feel of this place. In its own way it had a touch of vintage. I had passed the open-one side kitchen which allowed customers to have a look at what was baking. The plain glass cases, the pastries all laid out simply and efficiently on metal trays, the font for all the signs, it reminded me so much of Ipoh in the old days. 

 Happy Meal bakery front.

The open-side walk kitchen.

I find that the egg tarts were nothing to shout about, but delicious enough for the price you pay. The tart shell is something that I just love crunching into. I would have to say that I agree with him, it is the Durian Puffs that would have you swooning. No essence taste here, just creamy, sweet, slightly pungent rich Durian flavour. I cannot emphasise enough that the creamy durian filling for both puffs and tart is to die for.

Let me share with you pictures of some of the goodies they have there.

Happy Meal cakery
143, Jalan Tun HS Lee.
Tel: +603-2027 6080
Open 7.00a.m.-6.45p.m. (closed on Sundays)

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  1. Hi does this shop sell birthday cakes as well