25 Oct 2011

Touched to the core.

And so today I had asked my friend Gili where I could get my clothing labels printed instead of embroidered. The owl is just too gorgeous for embroidery to do it justice. She told me she could do it I sent her my logo and name card which naturally included the website address for Bajou. On Bajou's website is also a link to 'like' Bajou on Facebook.

I had spent two nights creating my Bajou Facebook 'like' page a week and a half ago. I began designing order forms, got myself familiarised with features of the page, and messed about here and there. I had no intention of promoting the page till all my products were up and on display. You could say that it was another one of my genius procrastinating tactics. So voila, the page was done. It took a horrific amount of willpower not to like my own page. Each day that passed I looked at the numerical '0' likes a little bit sadly. Till today, after my e-mail to Gili. Within an hour...

I noticed two notifications on my Bajou FB. One like and one comment posted on the wall. Oh dearie me, oh my, oh my (fanning myself desperately). I can't believe it, someone 'liked' my page. It was Gili, God bless her. Always a strong supporter of kitchen table tycoon wannabe like myself. If fainting was the done thing these days, I would have done it.

The little speck of dust that I have been creating was noticed by someone today. Then two hours later, there were another two likes. Eleni and Joanna giving me their support. Love. Love. Love.

Volunteering with BAMBI has been priceless. What started as a hope to push myself to get out there and be useful brought me such meaningful friendships.  

I am flubbering, feeling so touched at my friends support without my even asking. At the same time I am feeling awfully shy - there it is my toil on show for the world to see. And there is also a tremendous sense of pressure that now...there is no turning back. I am doing this. Gulp.

Not in the mood to kiss,

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