18 Oct 2011

Stickers for Shopping Bags

Fairs galores will be held all over Bangkok during the next coming months. All in the spirit of Christmas and the coming New Year. It's true, you did read me right. The Thais may be Buddhist but they celebrate Xmas and New Year with as much gusto as everyone else. 

I have planned it such that my collection will be out of the factory in time for me to participate in a few of the fairs. I am really shooting in the dark here, as I don't know much about any of these fairs. It will be a good learning curve and next year, I will know better which fairs to skip and which fairs to go all out for.

Part of my preparation entails buying enough bags to pack Bajou goodies that customers will be buying. Never really thought of myself as an optimist until I looked at the amount of bags I bought and stickers I produced.

Oh, about the stickers? Yes, well. In order to save costs, I am not getting unique Bajou bags produced. Instead I had pages of stickers made with my logo and website on it. I've decided I will stick one on each bag. A little branding effort you might say. 

If you're in Bangkok and thinking of getting name cards, stickers or even clothing labels made you can use the one I went to, it's in Platinum Mall and the boys there are ever so pleasant. Do ask for Moo (a common Thai nick name meaning 'Pig'). You can't miss him. 

A last little note, an A4 sized sticker page will cost THB 180 to print each. You can produce as many stickers as you like on each page, it all depends on how big you want your stickers to be. Mine was 6cm x 4cm, and that allowed me to have 21 stickers for an A4 sized page.

Platinum Plaza, Basement Floor, Ginza 6, Room 93,
Petchaburi Road, Rachatavee Road,
Bangkok 10400.

Tel: +662.121.8093
Mobile: +6683.008.8283
E-mail: iprint@hotmail.com

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