28 Oct 2011

Sharing and Showcasing Sewing Projects on Burdastyle.

Burdastyle is where you should be if you want to share, showcase and even sell your sewing projects. I think it's a great site to generate interest for your blog and home-based business. Create your profile, click here, click there and you're set to go. 

I created mine some time ago and am so happy I did. I've already got 14 projects published, some of them based on my own paper patterns and others on the free paper patterns available on Burdastyle. If you look at all my sewing, you can see how I have slowly improved over the years. 

Whenever you publish your project, it will be posted immediately on the 'Project Showcase' page on Burdaystyle. Can you see the picture above? That's two of my sewing projects published (Tangerine Tropics Pantsuit and Obi Apron with Japanese Motifs).

Don't forget to add in your blog url somewhere in there, so that you can get people who love your work to see the rest of the stuff you have on your blog. 

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