13 Oct 2011

Japanese Inspired Apron (Red Riding Hood)

I had to sew an apron to match the white polka dotted red hoods I've made. I am happy to share with you that I found the most gorgeous apron pattern. So much so, that it inspired me to get a little bit more adventurous and put a Japanese spin to it with the use of my Sevenberry Kimono motif fabric. It's called the 'Obe Apron'.

The pattern flatters every figure, it gives us ladies that much sought after hour glass silhouette. Just a quick warning, do not be too shocked if you find your husband looking at you with that glint in his eye. The apron does not scream 'I am busy doing housework', I'm afraid (or rather quite delighted) that it whispers 'Check me out, honey!'.

The apron paper pattern is available at Burdastyle and was created by Prudencerabbit. So a big thank you to her!

"Take me to the 'Obi Apron' now" you say? I hear you. Obi Apron Free Paper Pattern.

And share! Do share your gorgeous apron with me.

Alena aka The Kisser

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