21 Oct 2011

Fairs in Bangkok (Selling Your Goods)

Of course it had to be an online business. The first path to financial freedom for home makers like me is the internet. With its low start-up cost and add to that, the convenient (or not so convenient) fact that you can manage all your wheelings and dealings from the comfort of your kitchen table makes this the ideal selling portal. But aside from generating interest through ads in Facebook, a presence on eBay and listing your business in major search engines....what else can you do?

The answer to me was...fairs.

I decided that the other way to go would be to participate in local fairs. Every time I read about home based business starting up, they often find their break at fairs. These gorgeous, opportunity-laden fairs are never in my part of the world, but in some romantic far distant land called America.

But as I dug deeper and spoke to friends, it seemed to me that fairs abound Bangkok. So let me share with you some of the fairs that I have found so far. Fairs that you might find yourself interested in participating if you were launching your home-based business here in the city of Angels. Here we go,

1. BAMBI Winterfair (Annual) - Organized by the Bangkok Mothers and Babies International Group (non-profit) at the end of the year, usually November. To book a vendor's table at this fair costs THB 2,000 (2011). To find out more go to BAMBI's website.

2. SILC Bazaar (Annual) - Organized by the Samutprakan International Ladies Club, the fair is said to attract over 500 people. I'll find out since I will be there for the first time with Bajou's first collection. This bazaar often takes place in the month of December, this year it will fall on 1st of December 2011 at Bangkok Patana International School. Be there and we'll have a chance of meeting! Table costs THB 1,200 for vendors (2011). Their website is here, SILC.

3. St. Andrew's Fireworks Night (Annual) - Organized by St. Andrews International School on Sukhumvit 107. The first time this event was held was in 2010 and it drew over 800 people. This year it will be held on the 4th November 2011. The cost of a vendor's table there is THB 1,000. I would love to have been able to participate, but my collection will be ready only after this event. Here is their website, St. Andrew's Fair.

4. International Creators' Fair (Monthly) - my friend Rachel Mense of Pause n Play recommended this fair to me. It really is very reasonable to participate. And I like that it is held monthly. There are some criterias to fulfill to maintain the quality and integrity of this fair. That the participants are selling original and unique items. Though I have not attended to any of the fairs yet, I have every intention of doing so soonest I've got my collection. Cost of participating in this fair is THB 600. Let me check on that. Here is the International Creators' Fair Facebook page.  

5. ASB Sukhumvit Fair (Annual) - Organized by the American School of Bangkok, this fair will take place on November 19th 2011. It is a very large and popular fair, which explains the rather high table price at THB 5,000 per booth. I can't afford to participate yet, but perhaps next year when I am more confident and ready to take on such a big cost. Here is a link to ASB.

6. Ploenchit Fair (Annual) - Organized by the British Community, this fair began life in 1956 at the British Embassy. It is possibly one of the largest fair in Asia (that's what they say in the website) but I can vouch that indeed it is large, fun-filled and draws hordes and hordes of people. A rich mixture of expats and well-heeled locals. Cost of participating in this fair is THB 6,000 to THB 10,000 (premium sites). Probably worth it, when I've got the guts. No guts, no glory eh? We'll see. Here's a link to the BCTN website.

There is one website that does a great listing of events around Bangkok, do check out AngloInfo Bangkok.


Hope this helps you. I certainly would have loved a resource like this starting out. I say, thank God for good friends, especially the wonderful Bangkok Sewing Crew. :)

Good night and sleep tight.

Kisses from Wet, Flooded Bangkok.

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  1. Hi alena,

    Thanks for your informative post about fairs in Bangkok. I've been trying to reach the organisers for the Int'l Creators' Fair here, but the FB link you posted doesn't seem to go to their FB page. I have not been able to locate any other contact methods for them. I wonder if you would have another link or contact for them?