16 Sep 2011

Wooden beads, glass beads and sequins galore!

My shopping stash.

I had trampled through the Phahurat area quite thoroughly in search for fabrics to be used in my collection and now I was trawling through the long and cramped Sam Peng lane perusing each and everything little fabric shop for something that would catch my eye.

Sadly, nothing did.

Yet, not all is lost because as I wandered and wandered singing the 'Valderiiiii...Valderaaaa...' chorus to myself I stumbled into Aladdin Cave of Wonders. There it was a shop just filled from ceiling to the floor with all kinds of beads and sequins. Wooden ones, plastic ones, glass ones, metallic ones. You name it and they had it.

For those of you living in Bangkok and always on the lookout for interesting craft and tailoring supplies this is a good place for to look for embellishments for your project.

Here are the details of the shop,

Jareon Bead name card.

Jaroen Beads
53, Trok Hua Med, Wanich 1 Road, Jakkaward, Sampanthawong District, Bangkok 10100, Thailand.

Tel: +662-7133
E-mail: jareon53@hotmail.com
Website: www.jaroenbeads.com

Yes I do realise that the name has been spelt in two different ways i.e. Jareon and Jaroen. But that's what is stated on the card. The photos here are of the stuff I had bought for myself today, together with their name card and the map provided at the back of the name card.

The map, unfortunately in Thai.

Happy trawling!



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