18 Sep 2011

Sewing Table Photoshoot

Good day to all and to all a good day...

My sewing nook.  I love my table!

I had a sleep in this morning. Treated myself to a delicious hard earned cat nap. Only to find myself scrambling to catch up with the day later on. And first on my list today was to take pictures of my sewing table with machine on.

I'm trying to finish up all my needed basic corporate marketing materials such as my logo, namecard, hang tags, size and care labels, company stamp and my website. I am using blogspot at this juncture because it is free. Really it's all about minimising costs and I am finding it hard to lower the costs especially when it comes to choosing fabrics for my collection. I just love those luxurious expensive fabrics and find it hard not to touch and feel them as I browse.

A close-up of my work space. I designed that dress!

Annie (yes again, a friend, main supporter and designer of my logo) came up with a brilliant idea for my web banner. To execute it, she needed me to send her some pictures of my sewing nook.

Thought I'd share with you some of the pictures I took. Yes, it is a fat flaming orange cat you see sitting in one of the table shelves. That's our cat, Chi Chi Nagoya.

Blowing kissses from Bangkok,

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