13 Sep 2011

Jamie Oliver's Beef Stroganoff

I am back at the kitchen with a fervour that only El Nino can beat. Is that a politically incorrect thing to say? If yes, I do beg your pardon. Did I share with you that not too long ago I tendered in my resignation as the designated home chef? The resignation letter was handed in solemnly to my husband, who didn't quite know how to react. Poor Danish man that he is, takes things rather seriously. After 12 years of marriage, I would think that he had a pretty good understanding of Malaysian humour. Which really is what this is.

Over dinner one night when my father was in attendance I proclaimedly loudly and clearly that I am no longer cooking at home. That the resignation letter tendered was accepted in the mute. Daddy was aghast and it seems that he too had lost his sense of Malaysian humour. He began sputtering about how utterly nonsense such resignation was. This is your marriage we're talking about, was the unsaid but very much heard part. He he he.

After mulling over this matter rather seriously as I was cutting my fingernails I decided that I had better get back at the helm of the kitchen. I have been told by my husband that I am undisputedly a lousy cook, he admits grudgingly that I have a very limited repertoire, but one in which every dish is simply out of this world. Yes, the 'out of this world' bit was my own creative copy. I like!

I am earnestly trying to widen, deepen, and lengthen my very limited but exquisite repertoire and today I attempted cooking Jamie Oliver's 'Beef Stroganoff'. I've tried many different stroganoff recipes in the past, none of them were awful, but they were just not superb. But...ahhh...that's a strong 'but', when I tried Jamie's recipe I was astounded by my ability to cook. Ha ha ha ha! I know what you're thinking. And darn it, yes I will give credit where credit is due. It was the recipe, yes it was. I have to confess, though I do it cyber secretly that the Jamie Oliver recipe is simply a gem. 

I am sharing it here with no one, but with the belief that one day, in a faraway land, there will be someone reading this. And he or she will say, 'Blimey what an incredible cook this lassie is!'

Well here's the recipe, enjoy the ease of cooking it but even more the joy of savouring such delectable cuisine. Unlike revenge, this dish is best served hot!

To go directly to his website where the Stroganoff lies, click here.

Jamie Oliver's Beef Stroganoff


Recipe by Georgie Socratous,photograph Sam Stowell

This here is a photo of the dish I cooked. Note the redder tinge to the dish, explanation follows. :)

I had modified this recipe to suit my taste. Did I actually exercise cooking creativity here? I dare say I did. Hah! For starters, I did use the prescribed 1 large red onion, but also added a 1/2 yellow Spanish onion I had loitering in the refrigerator. Then I added doses and doses of paprika, I like things a little bit fiery and if I had my way and a stock of chilli flakes I would have put dashes of that in too. I was generous with the so-called 'knob' of butter and did also put in some chicken stock and used a healthy sprinkle of sea salt. YUMMY!


• 500g fillet steak
• 1 tsp paprika
• Zest of 1 lemon, grated
• 1 red onion, chopped
• 1 garlic clove, chopped
• Olive oil
• 2 handfuls of wild mushrooms, cleaned and torn
• Knob of butter
• Small glass of brandy
• 50ml sour cream
• 2–3 flat-leaf parsley sprigs, leaves picked and chopped
• Bread and gherkins, to serve


1, Place the beef between 2 sheets of clingfilm and bash with a rolling pin until ½cm thick, then cut into finger-width slices. Mix the paprika, lemon zest, salt and pepper, and use to dust the beef.
2, In a large frying pan over a low-medium heat, fry the onion and garlic till softened. Turn up heat and add the mushrooms and butter, sautéing until the mushroom are golden brown, and reserve.
3, Add a little oil to the pan, fry the beef for 2 mins, turning, till browned but still pink inside. Stir in the mushroom-onion mixture, add the brandy and reduce for 1 min or till almost disappeared.
4, Remove from heat and stir in the cream and parsley. Serve with bread and gherkins.

Serves 4.

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