13 Sep 2011

Creating PDF patterns (part 1 - resources)

I really love sharing most of my projects here on my blog. To do that, I realise that is needful to transform most of my patterns into pdf files so that you can download and make full use of them.

But how to do that?

After some research I realise that two links would provide you (and me too) with sufficient knowledge to start producing your own pdf patterns. You will also need to have some kind of graphic designing software like the Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator and a PDF creating one like Adobe's or if you check out Roady Jane's blog, she recommends a free one that she used when making her pdf paper patterns.

Right now for the two links that you will need,

1. The Burdastyle website has a great start to the end process for creating pdf patterns. Check it out here.

2. Roady Jane blog though helps explain in greater depth how to scan in your pattern and deals clearly with issues like scaling and taking borders into consideration. These bits of information are missing from the Burdastyle page. So read up on this too before you start, click here.

I don't have an Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator...yet. But I guess I need to invest and till then this pdf paper pattern project is on hold. But not for too long I hope, I'll be hopping over to Seacon later today to check out how much it will cost me.

Have a great day ya!


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