5 Sep 2011

Bombshell Dress (Vintage Style)

I couldn't help enrolling in this online course on making a bombshell dress for myself. I would love, just love to wear something gorgeous that I handmade. The course at this point in time is going at a significant discount. From the price of USD 59, it is now USD 29.99. Who could resist? I darn well couldn't. Go and check out 'Sew Retro - Bombshell Dress Course' here. The tutorial is sooooo very clear, concise and easy to understand. The whole system is just very interactive and idiot proof that the fear of not being able to complete this is utter nonsense. But yes, you must have sewn a few projects before, it doesn't have to be complicated projects. But something that gives you an idea of basic dress construction. Then, I would advise you on trying out this challenge. So go and sew a few stuff, then come back and join.

I've started working on it, I have just finished creating the bustier or is it bodice for my bombshell dress. It will be pink with white polka dots. Sew sweet and sew cute. Yes, I am flattering myself. But as my voice echoes through cyberspace, instead of fishing for compliments and only hearing one a thousand light years away, one must resort to self-praise. Ha ha ha.

The picture you see is of my little bustier. I had to use the smallest size on the pattern and it positively made me feel inadequate as a woman just for a tiny silent moment. It soon passed and I am already imagining myself posing like Marilyn Monroe over some Thai monsoon drain. That would be quite a feat perhaps even a horrifying sight. It will not, however, ruffle any Thai feathers. It takes much more than that to make the Thais gawk, as a rule nothing rattles their cage.

Will keep you abreast on my developments. This time, pun is intended.

Kissy Poo,

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