29 Aug 2011

Free Embroidery for Shawls.

I had designed three Eid outfits which were different from what is usually worn by children in Malaysia. Traditionally, little girls will be wearing the Malaysian baju kurung dress. Which consist of a long top that reaches just above the knee with a long skirt to match.

If you have been following my blog, you will see that I had designed something that embraced the traditional baju kurung, with a dash of the shalwar khameez added to and a splash of the ao dai. Click here to see.

To make my designs that more complete I made a shawl to go with each of the outfits. In this posting, I would like to share with you the embroidery template I had drawn out and used for my Nyala Eid outfit. Please download the free embroidery pattern template here. I've included notes on the template for the different stitches I had used in embroidering this design onto my daughter's shawl. You can follow the stitches I had used or set your creative juices running with other types of stitches. Do share your execution of this pattern with me, I would love to post it up on a page.

The instructions for creating your own shawl is will attached in the pdf file containing the pattern. Click here to download the embroidery pattern. Hopefullly in a week's time will be the full version with labels on the stitching used together with the shawl tutorial. Till then enjoy!


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