21 Aug 2011

The Coming of the Eid Outfits.

I know, I know, it's been a very long silence from me. If you're a mommy with kids, you know very well that your time is no longer yours throughout the long, drawn out summer holiday. Who on God's great earth created summer holidays? The idea of summer holidays in humid and blistering hot Thailand is really a joke. I say this with a completely straight face.

Remember those Eid outfits I was planning on making for my daughter (click here to refresh your memory) In between moments of breaks (and sanity) I managed to sit down and stitch a length or two. With the ambition of creating three Eid outfits for my daughter and two for my son, I've only ended up with two incomplete Eid oufits for my daughter. I shall share it with you here, even though I loathe sharing incomplete projects.

I designed both myself, and drew out the paper patterns, stiched every inch of these outfits together.

For the Inaaya Eid outfit I was a very hardworking ant, I drew out what I visualised then began to sew. But for the second one, I just drew out the pattern from what I had in mind. What do you think of them?

See the sketch and compare with the outfit, I made a few changes to the design as I went along. Instead of capri styled pants, I did a harem styled one. This was because I wanted to understand how to construct one.

The second Eid outfit I call, 'Nyala' which means 'to light' in Malay will be paired with a red capri styled pants. This I hope to complete some time this week. I like the name and I think it is apt considering that traditionally we would light up little torches around the house during the month of Ramadhan coming up to Eid. How beautiful it was!

Here's Nyala...

I promise I will post pictures of them on my daughter so that you can see the finished product in it's full effect. Am I talking to anyone here? He he he

Good night!


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