27 Aug 2011

A Baker's 'Just Do It' Attitude.

I love going back home to Malaysia...and yes its true what they say, it is Truly Asia. So please come and give this lovely tropical paradise a visit, you won't regret it. I guarantee.

I had arrived home and immediately chucked the luggages into our room, then hauled the kids into their step-grandma's car. We were off to pick up freshly baked breads to be eaten for breakfast and her order of little boys' and little girls' cupcakes which were a surprise for my son and daughter. How sweet!

Auntie Aida, my step-aunt, had just launched her catering business from home and has been receiving rave reviews for all her baked goods. She was flooded with orders during Prince William and Kate's wedding because Malaysians were joining in the celebration by having little tea parties at home while watching the whole wedding unfold.

Anyhoo, my step-mom told me that I will be blown away when I take the first bite of her freshly baked oatmeal bread. I couldn't wait to have my first taste. And so we entered her home and there were the breads ready to be picked up. I was dying to know what her kitchen looked like. This kitchen that produced such amazing baked goods. So I had a peek.

What I saw was this little corner of a room, it was tiny and in it was a rather well-used aged oven, a breadmachine and...well that's about it. It was a nook really. I couldn't quite believe it. Where was the sophisticated oven? The baking space for rolling and decorating each piece? I asked the maid, were the breads baked in this ... err...oven? She enthusiastically said yes and told me briefly how the breads were made.

I couldn't believe it.

Here I am trying to launch my own business and I insist on getting all the right tools, having the right amount of space, a little disoder or my things in disarray and the day was absolutely ruined. Oh what a spoilt little thing I was.

She truly inspired me. That this nook of a kitchen, which in my eyes were sorely lacking in equipment could produce incredibly delightful patisseries and breads, it was a humbling and motivating moment.

If she can do it, so can I, without all the equipment and mambo jambos. I wanted to take a picture of her kitchen, but that would have been rude and an outright invasion of her privacy. If you are living in KL, please do give her a call and try out her baking. Message me privately for her phone number.


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