17 Jul 2011

Felt Scissor Case Tutorial

My two felt scissor cases

A closer look of blue felt scissor case. Decorated with floral motifs on little circles of felt in white and pink.

Hello there peeps,

Finally I've unpacked and gotten myself organized for life back home after two weeks in Malaysia. I've started sewing up the Eid outfit I've designed for my daughter Inaaya but discovered that it's much too big for her. So that means drawing up another paper pattern that would fit her to a T. Well that would be best done tomorrow in the light of day.

The 'ingredients' I used for this project.

Just for a quick little project to satisfy my need to create, I decided to attend to one of my long standing to-do items, scissor cases for my growing collection of scissors. I had bookmarked quite a few which I shared in one of my postings not too long ago, but finally settled for something very easy to make yet cute enough for the eyes.

I cut out a paper template following the outline of my scissors, giving it a 3/4" seam.

The felt scissor case tutorial I finally used was the one I stumbled upon on Wild Oliver, click here to download the tutorial in pdf. I've made two different designs using hand embroidering. For my blue felt scissor case I decided to cut little circles of felt in pink and white, and had floral designs embroidered on them. For my light brown one, I used a simple flowers design using pink embroidery threads.

It's dotted with pink and white circles. I used a 5baht coin to make them.

I found that embroidering on felt to be hard work, it's difficult for the needle to penetrate the felt and it took some force. Making it a little tedious to do. Perhaps I was using the wrong needle? Or my threads were too thick?

Not my best embroidering. I had difficulty with the French knots (my first time).
For this pattern I used whipped running stitch for the stems, running stitch, back stitch and bullion knot for the different flowers.

The patterns were drawn out on paper and pinned to the felt case. I embroidered on using the drawing as a guide and later tore and pulled the paper out. A much easier way than printing the design on felt.
How on earth would one do that anyway?

Whatever it may be, I am now the proud of owner of two felt scissor cases. Hope you enjoy creating your cases for your own precious fabric scissors.

Good night peeps!


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