22 Jul 2011

Fabric Flowers How To.

Yay it's Friday night, which means the weekend is just a night's sleep away. No, I am not looking forward to it. A parenting job is a never ending one and weekends are usually the busiest. Before I close my studio for the coming weekend, I thought I'd better update my blog with my latest creation

Fabric flowers!

Tons of tutorials on the internet, so why not another one?

This is so simple to do, and makes good use of the scraps you have lying around. Ready to have some creative fun? Sure you are, let's go then.

I will make templates...one day. But in the meanwh
ile, the flowers are so easy to draw freehand that I have absolute confidence you can make them.
The 'How To'.
Preparing the 'Petals'.

1. Draw out three different sized flower petals on a
piece of tracing paper or normal paper. For the flower you will need two large petals, one medium and one small one.

2. You can cut each flower petal one at a time, or p
ut several scraps on top of another with the template at the topmost. Then cut out if you are making several fabric flowers.

All the cut flower petals.

3. Iron on facing on your petals and cut them out, this helps prevent them from fraying and gives them a nice stiff effect.

4. Assemble your flowers. Placing the two largest petals first, followed by the medium one and the small one.
5. Sew together in the centre of the petal.

6. Sew the button on top. Get funky and cutesy with your button. Don't be a dull Jane like me.

Preparing the 'Leaves".
1. Trace out two leaves onto your fabric scrap. To draw the darts, first pin at the top of the dart and mark out with a chalk. Then draw out the two dart legs from that point down to the bottom edges of the leaf. Then draw a straight line down from the same top point down to the leg, this marks the centre point between the two dart legs.
Can you see the dart I drew on my two leaves in the picture below? Do exactly just that.

2. Cut out the two leaves and iron on the facing. Cut out the leaves again once the facing is attached.

3. Now fold crease the middle dart line and fold the leaf from one dart leg to match the other dart leg. You can see here that it's been nicely folded.

And in this next shot, a side view of how your fold should look from this view.

In this picture, is the back view of the already folded leaf.

Pin it together.

This is how it should look frontal view.

Then sew it up to keep it nicely closed.

4. So your petals are done, and your leaves are too. Next place the leaves at a jaunty angle at the bottom of your petals and sew them on. Your fabric flowers are now done. Use them for headbands, barrettes, or apply them onto home made shawls, little bag or even big ones.

A last note, to attach them to barettes and headbands etc. Use a round shaped felt to cover your stitches, and it also gives your glueing strength making your work of art more wearable and durable. Will update this page when I've used these flowers on barettes etc with additional note and pictures on how I did.

Now go and create dearest crafting buddy.


  1. Thanks for sharing the preparation of leaves and petals...It is very good to make an art, decoration and get the skills..
    Christmas Scavenger Hunt

  2. You're welcome Anora. If you do make it with your own little twist, please share by posting us a picture. Warm regards, Alena