22 Jun 2011

Pillow Case Dress Tutorial by Little Big Girl Studio


Time flies, and will someone please clip its wings? I can never seem to catch up or even pause to take a breath. I see bushy eyebrows furrow when they hear of housewives saying how busy they are. Dog gone it, we are!

I needed to destress desperately. I could either have a packet of M&Ms, attempt to swim laps while the children yelp out for attention and get even more stressed, or just sew something in triple time.

I chose the last option and surrender was agonizingly sweet. He he he. The destressing project for that evening (not many ones ago) was to make a little pillow case dress for my daughter. As a member of the Bangkok Sewing Crew (oh how honoured I am to be a crew member) I get to see postings of great tutes shared by other crew members. Thanks to Annie who posted this tute on our group page, I managed to whip one up in no time for my daughter. The pillow case dress tute was created by blogger of Little Big Girl Studio, God bless her soul.

It is a great project for the novice, and you will be delighted with the results. Do get your own ready-made bias, it will save you a lot of heada
che and gratification will be a few stiches away. Enjoy peeps.

Tutorial of 'Pillowcase Dress
' by Little Big Girl Studio. - click this.

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