23 Jun 2011

Eid Dress for Daughter

How could one claim to be an aspiring albeit very amateur, children's fashion designer and not have one's child wearing a dress in one's own design for the coming Eid festival? One could not! Which had me in a bit of a tight spot.

I sat there staring at my lovely green wall with the pencil touching my nose contemplatively. Occasionally I would finger the two fabrics laid out on my table. To break me out of mental block (they happen terribly frequently, why is this so? Humph!). I decided to break out in a stretch and while at it took a picture of the so mentioned fabrics. Have a look.

I love the prints. Admittedly they are not childish. And I have been told by not one, and no, not two, but three people that they are....to quote them, "Dull." "Boring" "Unsuitable" and "Too soft". But I LOVE IT.

I'm afraid I am going to be quite stubborn about this love too. And...I am convinced that it is going to turn out exquisite. You mark my words.

And so as I sat there, an idea began to form itself in my mind. I am going to go traditional here, not the traditional Malay Baju Kurung, but something more Pakistani inspired. The shalwar khameez look. Quite obvious I'm sure from the sketch you can see in the picture above.

I've added my own little touch to it. See the 3/4 length capri style pants for a more modish take, then I made the side slits go all the way up to the waist very much like the Vietnamese Ao Dai. But instead of the mandarin collar, I went for the classic baju kurung collar. The only Malay bit in this whole costume really.

I've got this print in three colour schemes. No, don't stand there in judge of me. I know you've done it too. Get all greedy and carried an embarrasing large stash of fabrics to the counter - all in similar colour schemes. I did it rather furtively, I knew deep in my heart that I was doing something quite unhealthy. I don't think I am going to change though. I've been told by some smarty pants that 'a leopard does not change its spots'. I think I quite agree.

I am tempted to use them all, all the colour schemes for my daughter's Eid outfits. There's one with black and red tones. I'm-a-thinking of matching it with red silk harem style pants and short sleeves top with man
darin collar. Why not right?

The picture above shows you that I've already begun making the paper pattern for this at my school. I am tempted to draft it out in three different sizes and sell it here as a pattern for you to try. Going commercial? Why the heck not? All in good fun and I promise you it will be 'Cheap cheap one'. Just enough to get me feeling a bit happy with myself, but more so to fund my next cycle of sewing course with Kru Ying.

Alright, let me fumble through my sewing room as I make preparations to leave for Kuala Lumpur.


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