19 May 2011

Scissor Case Designs

I've got countless scissors lazing about my sewing room like suntanners on a beach. They seem to think it's a nudist beach since all of them are stark naked. I have been meaning to dress them up for the longest time and thought that I will take up the opportunity to do so tonight.

Why tonight of all nights?

Perhaps because I am stalling getting down to retweaking my collection. I don't like to sketch and paint at night in this dim yellow light. When the sun is bursting amidst blue skies and shines its rays through my windows, I find myself enjoying sketching, painting while listening to my Black Berry Playlist.
From Living Crafts
(No tute, just an idea to inspire creativity)

Now this has started me thinking of all the other things I need to do for my business. The namecards are basically done, just waiting the quote for getting them executed with the logo embossed. But I need to give Annie feedback on how I want the banner to be. Alright, I'll get down to that in a minute.

First, I thought I'd share the list of scissor cover tutorials I found on the net that I thought is worth trying out. I haven't decided just which one I'm going to try first. But you will know when I start showing it or them off on the blog.

Little Scissor Case from The Mother Huddle

I love the simplicity of this design but more than that I love how easy and quick it is to make. But not very challenging.

I heart this. Isn't it terribly cute? And it comes with free pdf pattern. But I challenge you to create your own little design. That's the fun part of it isn't it?

Here is a lovely tutorial in pdf from Faby Reilly. The link takes you directly to the pdf so I couldn't post a picture of the scissor case here. But it's one that is decorated with cross stiching. Utterly sweet. The picture below is courtesy of Faby Reilly, for a scissor case tutorial that you can purchase from her site. It gives you some idea of what the pdf tutorial holds.

Then there is this really complicated ones for those interested in embroidery.

Too complicated for me, but you might want to take it up. Free patterns can be found on the site. Just click the link above.

It's getting late now and I've really got to be productive before I turn in for the night. So I had better get off from this computer.

Good luck with your sewing!

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