29 Apr 2011

My Current Frog Beau - Will He Last?

I have said little on what I've been up to in terms of my frog smooching. It really is time for me to jot down bits and pieces of my current adventure on this blog. In July 2010 I very consciously made the decision frog leap into sewing and crafting.

My daughter, Inaaya in the Cleo dress I sewed.

And from there it sort of flowed into the idea of starting a chidren's clothing line. To begin at the beginning would be too long and tedious. Instead, I shall just blog about where I am at this juncture in my adventure.

Still a bit of background would help huh?

Well I have no personal, industry or any form of knowledge about clothes designing and making whatsoever. My mother, though a beautiful woman, was not obsessed about clothes. She passed on very little knowledge she had of this topic down to me. What I knew was that I had was an eye for beautiful things and an undeveloped creative streak.

Inaaya in a summery bubble dress I made.

These two skills are certainly not enough to make a success of anything. And oh how naive I sound just typing that. But it is the untarnished truth. I was and still am honest enough to accept this deficiency in me and I am still working hard to improve myself. Naturally, I set myself to the task of learning as much as I can about children's fashion, clothes designing and construction.

I'll share flashback moments in future postings I promise. :)

Flash forward to today, after learning how to do basic sewing, basic paper patterning and improving my drawing and colouring skills, I now have in hand sketches of my first collection. I really should share how I developed them and I will. Amateur as my sketches are, I am very proud of what I've done. But...another day for that. I really enjoyed the process of coming up with a name for my company and brand. After jotting down a list of names, it was my step-mom in the end who came up with the name for our brand. I truly heart it. Will share with you the name once I've got the logo finalized and website domain name booked.

My sister has registered our company and I am now in the process of searching for a small garment manufacturer willing to invest their time working on my tiny tadpole size collection. No easy task, but I am not about to let that stop me now that I've come this far. My business plan is almost complete. But there's still two billion and one things to do!

I am so happy with my current frog, will he be 'my happily ever' after you think?
Don't think! I've decided that he will and the only thing that will stop that is if this venture fails. Praying hard that it won't.

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