29 Apr 2011

Colours. How I Love Thee.

I was at sewing class today. I go to LSewing Studio every Friday that I can. Annie of Thainie Creations was there too. My friendship with Annie developed through our involvement as committee members in the Bangkok Mothers & Babies International Group (BAMBI). She is a gifted artist and creates 'custom invitations, birth announcements, creative photo gifts and other design works that are made from the heart'. Do check out her work if you'd like to commission something personal for yourself. Anyways, where was I?

Oh yes, I had asked Annie to develope my logo, namecard and banner for me. What an incredible job she did! The logo is exquisite I am deeply in love with it. So there we were standing at the cluttered sewing table when she whipped out a book called 'Color Index' by Jim Krause and my logo. "What's this Annie?" I asked her.

She explained to me that I needed to determine the exact colour tone/hue that I want for the various colours on my logo. And the book she handed me contained all the RGB whatchamacalit numbers for me note and hand over to her.

The 'Color Index' book by Jim Krause
(Available at Kinokuniya Bookshops in Bangkok and also Amazon)

Who knew that such a thing existed?

This book is simply amazing. It contains various combination of colours depending on the mood you'd like. Primary mixed with secondary. Combination of muted hues. Quiet palettes and on and on it went.

I think back to the many moments that I stared at my painting pallette wondering what the best colour combination would be. All along such handy books existed to help with colour coordination and combination. Genius. I am thankful to Annie for introducing me to this. Gone will be the days that I sit and mull hour after hour over colour combinations for my designs.

Do think of this too...a book like this helps you determine the exact tone and hue that you'd like your designs to be produced in. Be it a website, brochure, name card, interior design, fabric design or clothes design. This tid bit of information is probably well known knowledge for many of you out there.

But let me share with you a Malay saying, 'Katak bawah tempurung'. Literally translated 'Frog under a coconut husk'. This saying is used whenever someone acts or behaves in a way that shows they have been shelted from life or is not well exposed. That's me, I've been a frog living quite happily if I might say so, under my little coconut husk. Now I am discovering the world of colours.

I really do love learning something new everyday!

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