30 Apr 2011

Anti-Allergy Spray for Beddings

What a lovely balmy morning it's proving to be.

Just thought I'd share a wonderful find when I went to check out the Bangkok International Gift & Houseware Show (BIG + BIH). It was a Saturday morning and GG had agreed to baby sit the kids and do his packing for New Zealand, freeing me to go for a quick round at BIG + BIG footloose and fancy free. What bliss!

Whilst I had a quick roam up and down the aisles of the fair my eye caught sight of this stall carrying anti-allergy sprays for beddings. My daughter Inaaya wakes up and goes to bed sneezing so hard almost every morning that at times she sneezes out streaks of blood. And recently it was worsening that her sneezing just wouldn't stop. Something had to be done. Being in that desperate situation, I was really ready to try out anything.

So the seller explained to me that this would provide protection from dust mites, the cause of allergy often is faeces from these nasty creatures.

Pumi Coolliving (In the Garden), aromatherapy for pillow and mattress mist.
It smells lovely too.

Off I went home with my small bottle of Pumi's Aromatherapy Pillow & Mattress mist. I sprayed it onto my daughter's mattress, pillows and blankets - covered it up with a huge bed sheet to allow fumigation to take place and left it like that for several hours.

That night she went to bed sneezing once. In the morning when she woke up she didn't sneeze at all. I couldn't quite believe it. So I placed her on my bed to see if she would start sneezing there. And sneeze she did. This happenned a few times before I was convinced that my mattress would prove to be a good second guinea pig. Last week I had the maid spray my bed and all its linens and was happy to find that my daughter could sleep in my bed without sneezing at all.

What a find. The small bottle costs THB 390 (approx USD 13) and it's available in most Central Department stores here in Bangkok. Not too sure if they sell online but here's a like to Pumi's website.

Do try and tell me if works as well for you as it has for me.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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