16 Mar 2011

The School Auction Quilt Idea.

How it should look.
(Photo source, www.thelongthread.com)

I've been very lazy...in terms of blogging. It feels as if I've been on a headless chicken marathon these last two months. There was the school's Walk & Run to organize, as I am part of the parents' committee (still can't quite decided if it was foolish decision made in haste or a wise one). BAMBI charity duties to attend to, the BAMBI Adoption Support Group morning coffee to attend. The latter gave me a bit of a nightmare as I was the only coordinator there.

A child working on the quilt.
(Photo source, www.thelongthread.com)

Normally, Monique, my very strong and confident partner would be there to attend to many of the queries and worries. That morning I found myself alone and quite certain that state would not change. I really didn't feel I had the pulling power that Monique possessed. But I was wrong. Hooray to that!

The colour scheme.
(Photo source, www.thelongthread.com)

Anyways, here's another Goliath effort to get this blog ball rolling. I thought I'd share a gorgeous idea I stumbled upon that you could initiate in your kids' school - the school auction quilt.

The work-in-progress
(Photo source, www.thelongthread.com)

Perhaps get the whole student body to partake in making the quilt, auction it off and channel the money to a charity organization. If that idea seems to gargantuan or having a collection of goods to auction off seem more appealing, here's another one. Why not get the kids to embroider a whole collection of household things like place mats, table runners, aprons...well the list could go on and on couldn't it?

Unfinished and yet you can see it will be gorgeous morgeous.
(Photo source, www.thelongthread.com)

The idea came from The Long Thread. They are lovely aren't they?

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