26 Mar 2011

Foodie Heaven at Sompong Restaurant.

The cover of Sompong Restaurant's menu.

Of course this blog is meant to be all about my search for 'the' frog. And I am working towards it. I've been busy designing my first collection of little girls clothing. I am ashamed to admit that my sketches are very amateurish, but I will persevere.

Thai Deep Fried Fishcakes with Dipping Peanut Sauce

I can proudly say though that I see drastic but positive progression from my first ever sketch to what I've arrived at today. But this should be in another posting.

Fried Cuttlefish with Garlic and Pepper

Today's posting is all about a gem of a restaurant here in Bangkok. My husband introduced it to me, after he was brought here by one of his workmates. We think that this is the best place to experience the famous Thai dessert, Mango with Sticky Rice.

The celebrity of this restaurant, Mango with Sticky Rice.
But what the menu has to offer is also incredible. We tried the Fried Cuttlefish with Garlic & Pepper, Seabass baked in Salt, Morning Glory fried with Garlic and Chilli, and Fried Thai Fish Cakes. Sublime, is the word.

It is located on the Srinakharin Road. On the same side as Foodland but just further down. I will try to draw out a map and post it here soon.
The tangerine juice is so fresh, sweet and thirst quenching.
Especially with a few cubes of ice.

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