2 Jan 2011

Finding A Blogging Voice

Finding my voice on the blog has been a pretentious journey really. One that I am about to put an end to with might and brutality. It is time, I say, to put pen to paper the real voice within. Time to shed the pretentious and expose the true voice within me.

The book 'Blogging for Bliss' which I bought because I could not stop caressing its gorgeous pages advised beginner bloggers to write about all that's lovely and beautiful in their lives. Leave out the ugly, the pessimism, the political diatribes in the washing machine. Hang out only the beautiful laundry that one does not mind all and sundry to see.

But honestly, how much loveliness can I write before I start sounding plastic?

So yes, I've resolutely made the decision to put pen to paper the truth and nothing but the truth so help me God.

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