2 Jan 2011

Decluttering Queen of Thailand

I woke up this morning to the sound of a war being waged in my kitchen. I can swear that the clanging of pans, the continuous sound of water streaming out of the kitchen faucet and the occasional clanking of cutleries were the sweetest sound to my sleepy ears.

My cleaning fairy was finally back and she was back with a vengeance that made me want to jump out of my warm duvet and break out into a cheerleading dance.

Our apartment is my Achilles heel. When it is more cluttered and messy than usual, it can bring me down to the depths of despair. How I have managed to survive the many years living in this horrifying mess is something that still leaves me in wonder. But those years has taught me so many lessons and gave me wisdom that I know will come in handy in the future. And if I was really honest with myself these nuggets of wisdom has brought me many meaningful experiences.

But this does not give GG carte blanche to continue with his love of keeping unused goods in our home. No sirreee Bob. Those days are over. 2011 brings with it a resolution like never before. We will have our home up and running. We will have the beautiful and functional home that I have visualised for us all these years.

Dubbed the Hoarderholic, GG will begin the first of twelve steps to rid himself of this terrible affliction. I have made it my agenda for this year.

So much so, this morning after Cleaning Fairy has completed mission impossible and dragged our two children to her home. After I have finished typing the last dot of this particular blog, I will get up and force myself into the shower. When done with putting myself together, I will begin the ginormous task of decluttering our home. I will be the Decluttering Queen of Thailand!

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