21 Nov 2010

Fabulous Make-Up Finds in BKK.

Parched with half an hour to spare before sewing classes at Lsewing studio. I decided to make a pit stop at Tesco Lotus, On Nut. Before I placed my order for a Caramel Frappuccino at McDs, I took a little stroll at the walkway near the stairs leading up to the sky train station.

Food - fried, steamed, stirred, tossed assaulted my nostrils. Cheap dresses and t-shirt stalls dotted the lane. Then something caught my eye in the not-so-far distance, I saw a crowd gathered around a table, pawing frantically at the goods contained within an open suitcase. I rushed forward and saw that it was filled with branded make-up.

The bunch of make-up I bought.
Poured out of its bag and onto my lap. I was cladded in black linen dress.

"Original?" I pointed to the goodies greedily. "Kha. Original kha." Still I held back my growing desperation to grab some. "How much?" I asked in Thai as I held up a MAC lipstick. "Eighty." she said to me, that's equivalent to USD 2.70. Pittance! All the lipsticks there from Dior, Cartier to Skinfoods were priced at THB 80.

A closer look at my fabulous finds.

Well what was I waiting for? I dived straight in and got myself a bag of goodies.

If you find yourself in this part of the world. Be sure to pay her little make-up table a visit. I think these make-ups are the real McCoy. Tried and tested by Kissing Frogs in Siam. To get there, take the Sky Train also known as the BTS. And stop at the On Nut station. Get down Tesco Lotus side of the road, and her stall is on the sidewalk along Sukhumvit road running parallel to Tesco. Open Monday to Friday only.

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